Hi I am Jess, and about two years ago I started to think about a life without plastic.

I have always tried to be ethically conscious, favouring to shop local and secondhand, use natural products and eat a predominantly plant based diet.  However, it became glaringly obvious that the high amount of plastic waste I was generating did not fall in line with my ethics.  I wanted to make changes in my life so that I could live in accordance with my values, whilst also being more mindful of my day to day actions.  

Increasing awareness


The end of 2017 saw a dramatic shift towards a widespread awareness of the disastrous effect plastic pollution is having on our earth; and 2018 became one that focused on big changes in plastic production and use.In the UK increased activism and public discussion has already resulted in large scale businesses and governments starting to take action against single use plastic.

To begin with, avoiding plastic seemed to be an unachievable task.  

When you look into your shopping basket, household bin or around your bathroom, you cannot ignore the pervasive use of plastic packaging.  But, with a bit of research and a few changes I realised that even though going plastic free is a slow journey, it can be both achievable and fun! I am still not fully zero waste, yet everyday I make baby steps towards sustainable and low impact living.

The inspiration for this blog is to talk about the everyday actions I try to take to a live a life that is better for our environment.  The main focus is on eliminating single use plastic, whilst also striving to shop as ethically and with as minimal waste as possible.  I would love to inspire others to ‘ditch the plastic’ and to show that it is possible, even with limited economic means, to make significant changes to your lifestyle. 

I hope you find my posts useful and that you will join me on this fulfilling journey.  I will provide lifestyle tips, recipes and DIYs, as well as feature inspirational people and businesses that are working towards a sustainable future!!



I would love to have an open discussion about current issues concerning our sustainable, low impact future.  Please contact me on any important topics, such as plastic alternatives, ethical fashion, circular design, re-usage of waste and zero waste living.


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